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170 - The Legal, Emotional and Physical Consequences of Secret Social Transition with Vernadette Broyles

"This is harming kids! We cannot back down."

Stella and Sasha welcome distinguished attorney Vernadette Broyles to the show for a deeply insightful conversation exploring Vernadette’s unique perspective on several critical issues affecting schools, parents, and students in the context of the current gender landscape.

Vernadette Broyles is the President and General Counsel of Child Parental Rights Campaign, Inc., a non-profit public interest law firm that engages in litigation and advocacy across the country to protect children’s health and defend parental rights against the impacts of gender identity ideology. Vernadette received her law degree from Harvard Law School and her undergraduate degree in biology from Yale University. She has practiced as a family law litigator and a Guardian ad Litem for children, has served as an Assistant District Attorney in Atlanta Georgia, and has served on the State Board of the Georgia Department of Human Services (Co-chairing the child protective services committee) and on Advisory Boards to the U.S. Department of Justice Violence Against Women program and the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention program.

In this conversation Sasha, Stella and Vernadette discuss the consequences of social transition in schools (often taking place without parent consent), particularly the disturbing trend where schools seem to be working against parents, especially those from religious or immigrant backgrounds, reflecting on real court cases she has handled. Vernadette sheds light on the alarming involvement of Child Protective Services (CPS) in cases where parents (harboring safe and loving homes) are scrutinized simply for not affirming their child's new name or gender identity. The conversation also highlights the shift away from prioritizing parental unification in the foster care system, specifically in cases involving gender identity, as well as the most recent changes to Title IX, a complex topic often discussed but rarely fully understood.

This episode offers:

  • A rich and informative discussion for anyone interested in the evolving dynamics between schools, families, and the legal system around issues of gender identity and parental rights.

  • Valuable resources for parents and concerned adults.

  • Practical recommendations on how parents can be proactive and better equipped to protect their children, empowering them to navigate these challenging situations with confidence and clarity.

Resources & Links

Support the Child & Parental Rights Campaign | As a non-partisan, nonprofit public interest law firm, the Child & Parental Rights Campaign, Inc. was founded to respond to a radical new ideology overtaking families and threatening the well-being of children and the fundamental right of parents.

Parental Notification Letter & Other Resources

Navigating the Transgender Landscape - School Resource Guide

What Parents Need to Know To Deal With School Officials

What Parents Need to Know To Deal With Child Protective Services

Church Transgender Response Guide

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