Gender: A Wider Lens
Gender: A Wider Lens
127 - Help! Gender Is a Mess at My School: For Teachers, Counselors, & Administrators

127 - Help! Gender Is a Mess at My School: For Teachers, Counselors, & Administrators

Adolescence is a natural time for identity exploration. In this episode, Sasha and Stella address the challenges schools face when dealing with students questioning their gender identities. They focus on strategies for finding a balanced approach, honoring students' self-expression, preserving opportunities for further developmental progress and discovery, and respecting family dynamics. They highlight the pressure on schools to quickly respond and adopt policies, often without sufficient evidence of their effectiveness. They discuss the misconception that social transition is the only solution, questioning the long-term efficacy of this intervention and its potential for unintended psychological consequences. The conversation also touches on the fear of suicide, internalized homophobia, and common comorbidities including autism, ADHD, anxiety, and depression that could be contributing to the students' experience. This episode offers valuable insights intended to empower educators to provide a nuanced approach, seeking a balance between offering guidance and respecting the multifaceted journey of identity discovery during the adolescent years.


Suicide by Clinic-Referred Transgender Adolescents in the United Kingdom

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Sasha Shares About Her Experience Working as a Middle School Counselor 

A Clinical Guide for Therapists Working with Gender-Questioning Youth 

School Policy: Gender Identity (USA) 

School Policy: Sexual Orientation And Gender Identity (Ireland) 

Brief Guidance For Schools 

Brief Guidance On Social Transition 

The Secret Gender Files - Substack for Malcolm Richard Clark 

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Gender: A Wider Lens
Gender: A Wider Lens
In this podcast, now in it's fourth year, therapists Stella O'Malley and Sasha Ayad take a deep dive into the psychological and cultural forces impacting the social changes around "gender." Through interviews with researchers, doctors, therapists, parents, detransitioners, and others, Sasha and Stella's podcast is a "must listen" for anyone trying to navigate the current gender landscape. With their sharp analytical minds and deep compassionate hearts, Stella and Sasha have also become known throughout many parent networks as lighthouses in the midst of some very stormy seas. Previous guests include Helen Joyce, Jesse Singal, Leor Sapir, Kathleen Stock, Jamie Reed, Peter Boghossian and more.