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167 - Dawn of the Detransitioner Lawsuits, with Josh Payne

"The lack of informed consent is there in every single case."

Over the past several years, and especially in the aftermath of the release of the WPATH Files (March 2024) and the recent Cass Review Final Report (April 2024), the medical practices surrounding gender transition, particularly for minors, have come under increasing scrutiny, raising significant concerns about the lack of evidence and informed consent.

In this episode, Sasha and Stella welcome lawyer, Josh Payne, co-founder of Campbell Miller Payne, a law firm dedicated to representing individuals who were misled and abused – many as children – into psychological and physical harm through a false promise of “gender-affirming care.” Campbell Miller Payne is committed to its mission to speak up for these victims, assert their rights, and pursue justice.

This episode will prove particularly valuable for:

  • Detransitioners who have undergone gender transition and are experiencing regret or harm, as well as their families seeking legal recourse or support.

  • Legal professionals seeking to navigate the complexities of medical harm and lack of informed consent in gender-affirming care.

  • Medical and mental health professionals concerned about the ethical and legal standards of gender-affirming treatments.

  • Policymakers and regulators tasked in creating and enforcing medical regulations and policies related to gender transition procedures.

  • Activists and advocacy groups advocating for the rights and safety of patients undergoing gender transition, as well as those challenging current medical practices and guidelines.

Additionally this conversation offers, as is one of our key missions for the show, valuable insights for the general public interested in understanding the profound implications of current gender transition treatments.

Josh Payne is a co-founding partner at Campbell Miller Payne, PLLC, a law firm founded for individuals who were misled and abused – many as children – into psychological and physical harm through a false promise of “gender-affirming care.” Campbell Miller Payne exists to speak up for these victims, assert their rights, and pursue justice.

Josh is admitted to practice in Alabama and before the U.S. Supreme Court and the U.S. Courts of Appeals for the Sixth, Ninth, and Eleventh Circuits. He holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Alabama and a law degree from Washington and Lee University, where he served as president of the student body. 

Prior to law school, Josh served as an AmeriCorps/VISTA member of the inaugural staff of the organization now known as Impact America, where he helped launch and coordinate the FocusFirst vision screening initiative. He has participated in leadership forums for attorneys and is a graduate of the Alabama Leadership Initiative.

Throughout the course of his career, Josh has represented individuals, companies, and government agencies. He draws on his experience in complex and public interest litigation and is passionate about giving a voice to detransitioners who are seeking justice for healthcare-related harms.

This is a conversation about various legal challenges faced by detransitioners, such as issues with informed consent, systemic healthcare problems, and the experimental nature of many treatments. The discussion emphasizes the vulnerability of clients, the lack of comprehensive care addressing underlying mental health issues, and the need for cautious medical practices, underscoring the importance of seeking justice for those affected and advocating for more responsible treatment alternatives to gender-affirming care.

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