Gender: A Wider Lens
Gender: A Wider Lens
131 - Facing Futility: You Can’t Actually Change Sex, with Corinna Cohn

131 - Facing Futility: You Can’t Actually Change Sex, with Corinna Cohn


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Fellow podcaster, Corinna Cohn, joins Sasha and Stella for an incredibly deep and meaningful discussion. Demonstrating no shortage of her charming sarcastic banter, Corinna offers an endearing balance of humor and thoughtful introspection as well as informative insights based on her lived experience as a transexual, writer, and activist. The conversation covers a wide array of topics including Corinna’s early experiences with gender identity exploration, transition and the changing landscape of gender, as well as her reevaluation of her own perceptions of gender and self-acceptance. 

Corinna Cohn is a writer, podcaster, and activist from Indiana. Corinna was diagnosed with gender identity disorder at age 15 and underwent surgical transition at age 19. In 2019, she became involved in patient advocacy, and in 2022 began organizing to support legislation that regulates gender medicalization of minors. Corinna has met with legislators and given testimony in Indiana, Texas, and Ohio.

In this episode, you’ll hear Corinna share her reflections that the acknowledgment of futility is a crucial step in one’s personal growth and acceptance, particularly in challenging situations. Together, Sasha, Stella and Corinna get into finding meaning in navigating ambivalence, self-reflection and accountability. Their discussion also highlights Corinna’s activism in the context of the evolution of transgender activism, the complexity of legislative politics in the United States and the projected future of gender identity politics as a movement.


Corinna’s Substack 

Heterodorx Podcast (with co-host Nina Paley): 

Corinna’s Washington Post Article: 

Corinna’s Article about Texas HB3502 

Democrat Rep. Shawn Thierry’s Address to Texas Legislative Body 

Corinna’s Indiana testimony (regarding sports): 

Corinna’s Indiana testimony (regarding medical interventions on minors):

Corinna’s Ohio testimony (regarding medical interventions on minors): 

Pre-Order When Kids Say They’re Trans: A Guide for Thoughtful Parents 

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Gender: A Wider Lens
Gender: A Wider Lens
Therapists Stella O’Malley and Sasha Ayad explore diverse perspectives through a psychological lens, fostering open dialogue on gender identity, transition, and the transgender umbrella. Their work with gender dysphoric clients and unique experiences yield an informed outlook delving into gender's psychological nuances. Interviews with clinicians, academics, transgender individuals, parents, detransitioners, and others touched by gender provide varied insights and intimate inquiry into the taboo yet relevant topic.