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153 - Why Smart, Quirky, Artistic Girls Take Up the Transition Fantasy w/Laura Becker

An exploration of Laura Becker's paper on "The Archetypal FTM"

With Stella on break this week, a solo Sasha welcomes guest Laura Becker, a detransitioner advocate, writer, and artist who travels internationally sharing her experiences with trauma and transition to raise awareness about psychological issues affecting Gen-Z and the medical ethics involved in transgender health.

Laura brings her dynamic and creative perspective to the conversation going into depth about her philosophies around the archetypal FTM (female-to-male) person, characterized by sensitivity, artistic traits, quirkiness, and uniqueness. She introduces a compelling analysis of the intersection of autism traits within this archetype. (We should note that she does explain that this archetype is not a comprehensive representation, but highlights common themes observed in those adopting a trans identity.)

This conversation is an incredibly engaging exploration of the challenges faced by intellectually precocious individuals, particularly in finding a sense of community and belonging. They discuss how young people with high intellectual capabilities may struggle with feeling alienated and ostracized, emphasizing the importance of the right environment for thriving.

Having an autism diagnosis of her own, Laura offers insightful and endearing reflections about the misdirected creativity of ROGD girls being channeled into queer theory ideas. She shares some intimate details of her personal story including the impact of chronic abuse on her mental health, her journey on testosterone, her radical double mastectomy, and her decision to detransition.

Sasha and Laura delve into the physical and emotional aspects of body modification, with a focus on the permanence and potential consequences of such decisions. Laura distinguishes between moral and legal perspectives, advocating for informed decisions and responsible, ethical medical practices. This discussion highlights Laura’s evolution towards activism and her distinctive viewpoints on gender, culture, medical ethics and philosophy.

Resources & Links

Laura’s essay about how personality is confused with gender identity
Funky Psyche ⭐🧠
The Archetypal FTM: Sensitive, Quirky, Artistic, Weird Girls
There’s a certain type of girl or woman who reaches for the transgender or nonbinary identity label. We’ve all seen this girl, parented this girl, and some of us like me ARE this person. This is the type of girl I refer to as The Archetypal FTM or more appropriately…
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The Big Five Personality Traits and Teen-onset Gender Dysphoria

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