Gender: A Wider Lens
Gender: A Wider Lens
45 - Helena Part 1: Social Justice, Fandoms & FtM Gay Boys

45 - Helena Part 1: Social Justice, Fandoms & FtM Gay Boys


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This is Part 1 of a two-part conversation with Helena. She is a 23-year-old detransitioned woman, well-known on Twitter and YouTube for her insights into the FtM trans kid mindset. The self-described “gender apostate” shares her thoughts on ROGD’s relationship with critical social justice, fandom culture, “shipping,” and the extraordinary fascination many teenage girls have with young gay men.


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Extended Notes:

  • Helena is a detransitioned woman. She identified as a transgender man at 15, but by 19, she wanted to become a woman again.

  • A little bit about Helena and her detransition journey.

  • Before Helena started testosterone, she had this fantasy that not being female would be amazing. Helena was very isolated in her journey. Her ex, also a trans person, was against her detransitioning.

  • As she was on this journey as a man, she was so tired of pretending to be masculine and wearing clothes that didn’t fit her body.

  • What was it like psychologically to suppress Helena’s feminine side for so long?

  • Has social justice affected or played a role in trans identity?

  • Helena remembers reading things like, if you feel different than everybody else, it probably means you're trans.

  • Teenagers are biologically more sensitive to social rejection from their peers, and they’ll do anything to fit in and belong.

  • Whenever Helena was questioned about her new identity, she just thought they were just stuck in old beliefs and just wouldn’t listen.

  • Helena explains what a trans medicalist is and shares her thoughts on the difference between non-binary people and trans people.

  • What makes someone a cis girl or a cis boy or what really makes someone trans? The reasons are very superficial.

  • Cis allies are finding it difficult to be allies to the transgender community because they’re being told their opinions don’t count.

  • What is trans fandom all about? And what is “shipping” all about within this fandom culture?

  • A lot of these “shipping” content has sexual undertones of gay pairings of common fictional characters.

  • Growing up, it can get confusing. Men, that you’re basing your identity off of, are being written by teenage girls.

  • Let’s talk about Tumblr and how these trans mood boards all originated.

  • Helena remembers this internet time very fondly. She loved being on the “gay” side of the internet where it was all acceptable.

  • Helena wishes there was a way people can indulge in their sexuality in a non-threatening way, but she also understands that too much of it can lead down the wrong path where it creates dysphoria.

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Gender: A Wider Lens
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