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Premium: The Trouble with Big Trauma, with Abigail Shrier

"The story of human history is one of suffering and hardship and pain and overcoming in every family."

Trauma therapy culture promotes the prevailing view that trauma inevitably leads to PTSD and every negative feeling or experience is ultimately some kind of “trauma response”. Trigger warnings are everywhere. And Western society is obsessed with protecting everyone’s feelings. But, the human condition encompasses a wide array of emotions and feelings, and overcoming hardship is a natural developmental pathway for growth. Human beings are naturally inclined to survive, most people’s default response to trauma is in fact resilience.

In this bonus episode for premium subscribers, Abigail Shrier emphasizes the importance of recognizing and fostering resilience rather than assuming that traumatic experiences will inevitably lead to long-term psychological damage. She stresses the importance of teaching children about historical family struggles to inspire strength. And she advocates that well-intentioned parents should not be undermined by external judgments, as a strong, supportive family bond is crucial for children's growth.

Watch our full length episode with Abigail Shrier:

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