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Premium: I'm Glad I Was a Girl in the 70s | Meghan Daum

Our conversation with Meghan Daum continues

In today's internet age, so many are encountering the complex effects of cancel culture affording its victims a wide spectrum of implications, from severe career-ending scenarios to minor social ostracism and even family tensions and divisions.

The digital revolution is not only exacerbating the dynamics between parents and their activist-minded children, but is also dramatically shifting generational dynamics as well. This is further complicated by societal reverence for youth and intellect, often overshadowing the value of life experience and the idea that “with age comes wisdom”.

The profound influence of the internet becomes evident as we witness the ever-evolving impact of digital tech, transforming the way people engage with each other and the world around them, reshaping not only societal norms but also personal relationships, and fundamentally altering how individuals interact and connect.

In this bonus episode for premium subscribers, Meghan Daum reflects with a nostalgia for the freedom and authenticity of past decades. The discussion explores the profound changes shaping our social landscape in contrast with historical contexts of youth culture, the erosion of respect for older generations' experiences, and the adverse effects of prioritizing youthful perspectives over seasoned wisdom.

Watch our full length episode with Meghan Daum:

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