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165 - Meghan Daum Wants Women To Stop Silencing Themselves

"We're not allowed to say what's true!"

In this week's episode, Sasha and Stella sit down with the multifaceted Meghan Daum, distinguished author, cultural commentator, and fellow podcast host, for a compelling exploration of societal change and the complexities of modern life.

Known for her incisive commentary and fearless exploration of complex topics, Meghan shares her personal reflections on identity and the central and contentious nature of gender in modern culture. She discusses the creation and purpose behind her membership community, The Unspeakeasy, providing women a space for candid and honest conversations about cultural and intellectual issues, free from social media backlash.

Meghan Daum is the creator and host of The Unspeakable Podcast and the author of six books, most recently The Problem With Everything: My Journey Through The New Culture Wars, a New York Times Notable Book for 2019.  Her collection of original essays, The Unspeakable: And Other Subjects of Discussion, won the 2015 Pen Center USA Award for creative nonfiction. A Los Angeles Times opinion columnist from 2005 to 2016, she has written for numerous magazines, including The New Yorker, The New York Times Magazine, The Atlantic, and Vogue. Meghan is the recipient of a 2015 Guggenheim Fellowship and a 2016 National Endowment for the Arts grant. She has taught graduate writing students at Columbia University and The University of Iowa and now teaches private workshops in personal essay, memoir and op-ed. Her latest projects include a new podcast, A Special Place In Hell, which she co-hosts with Sarah Haider and startup venture, The Unspeakeasy, an intellectual community for freethinking women.

This episode’s conversation spans the cultural and psychological impacts of social media and modern communication tools, particularly for women amidst the current gender discourse, touching on the silencing of debate and social exclusion.

They delve into gender dynamics and humor in Woke culture, exploring the historical value of humor as a coping mechanism for societal divisions. Meghan emphasizes the importance of engaging with cultural critiques through literature and media, advocating for honest and open dialogue.

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"Victim" by Andrew Boryga - a comic novel tackling identity and DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) themes.

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