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169 - Growing up with a Trans Parent, with Emma Thomas from Children of Transitioners

My dad said to me "I have a woman's brain in a man's body."

Sasha and Stella warmly welcome Emma Thomas to the show highlighting her significant role as an advocate for children of transitioners. Emma’s father is a transsexual who transitioned in the 1980s while he had custody of her. In this conversation, she shares her experiences and the story behind her website, and the X account @childrenoftrans where she writes and campaigns on behalf of children of trans people, highlighting a lack of safeguarding and exploring the experiences of children of transitioners.

In this episode, Emma narrates her tumultuous childhood, her father’s transition to living as a woman, and the subsequent societal and familial dynamics that profoundly impacted her. She candidly describes the bizarre and challenging experiences of growing up with a father deeply involved in the transsexual community, exacerbated by a lack of adult intervention. Reflecting on her journey of self-discovery in adulthood, Emma discusses her mission to advocate for children of transitioners and shed light on their experiences.

The conversation explores:

  • The behaviors and impacts of narcissistic individuals within familial relationships.

  • Treatment approaches for narcissistic tendencies.

  • Coping strategies for those impacted by narcissistic personality dynamics.

  • Autogynephilia - ranging from its clinical relevance and treatment approaches to its societal and policy implications within the transgender healthcare context.

  • Ethical implications of medical treatments like testosterone during pregnancy, or medically induced lactation for men - “chestfeeding”

  • The protection and well-being of young individuals in potentially contentious or over-sexualized environments

  • Public perceptions and political influences shaping societal views and policies on transgender issues.

  • The sexual motivations behind certain transgender behaviors.

Resources & Links

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