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172 - Arielle Isaac Norman Knows More Than Dave Chappelle

"Every joke I've ever made about gender, has come true."

Sasha and Stella welcome comedian Arielle Isaac Norman to the show for a refreshing critique of identity, comedy, and societal norms. This episode delivers a captivating and thought-provoking discussion exploring Arielle's unique and subversive take on gender, as showcased in her hilariously bold comedy special "Ellen DeGenderless."

Arielle Isaac Norman is a nationally touring headlining comedian, and has also opened for an illustrious list of comedians including Louie C.K., Maria Bamford, and Tim Dillon. She’s a politically fluid lesbian who uses her quick wit, dark humor, and satire to cut right through the bullsh*t and get to the core of society’s most controversial social, political, and gender issues.

In this conversation, Stella and Sasha highlight Arielle's ability to connect with audiences across the political spectrum while simultaneously challenging and amusing them. As a voice from within the queer community with a millennial viewpoint, Arielle strikes a balance between humor and truth-telling that resonates deeply, offering perspectives rarely highlighted by other comics.

The discussion emphasizes Arielle's skill in using humor to address evolving dynamics within the queer community, particularly in response to today's political landscape, delivering profound insights with a comedic twist. Arielle brings an informed critique that resonates across the political spectrum, ensuring that her audience finds both laughter and moments of introspection. 

Sasha affectionally describes Arielle as an “equal opportunity offender”, promising that this episode delivers a mix of both humor and discomfort certain to spark both conversation and reflection.

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Go see Arielle Isaac Norman: LIVE IN FORT WORTH - July 25th

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Watch Arielle Isaac Norman: Ellen DeGenderless (2024) | Full Comedy Special

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Check out Arielle Isaac Norman’s recommendations:

The True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements, by Eric Hoffer - prescient insights into the psychology of mass movements, very relevant and seemingly predictive of current times, even though the book was written decades ago.

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Gender: A Wider Lens
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