154 - "My Entire Childhood Was Medicalized" with Scarlet

The Nuances of Self-Discovery in a Gender-Affirming Landscape

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This is a special episode in honor of an important occasion, Detransition Awareness Day 2024.

Sasha and Stella share a profound and moving conversation with Scarlet, a young person who just wants “my story to add to the conversation around the impacts of transitioning as a youth - physically, mentally, and socially - both positives and negatives.”

In this compelling interview, Scarlet shares his emotionally charged and impactful story of childhood medicalization and a journey through gender-affirming care. 

“There’s a lot of very basic normal life experiences that I don’t really relate to because I was isolated and going through transition”

The conversation delves into Scarlet's experience of landing into a trans identity at the age of 12, highlighting the medicalization of his identity despite his and his mother’s inquiries as to the implications of the medical care decisions they were being confronted with. 

“I chose the female puberty”

The discussion sheds light on the inappropriate sexualization Scarlet faced, both online and within the gender-affirming care system. Notably, Scarlet's story exemplifies the recently exposed WPATH files, revealing the concealment of medical risks by clinicians. And his narrative serves as a powerful example of the inadequacies in addressing real needs and providing honest, compassionate care in the context of early interventions. 

“I kind of felt like the therapist was twisting my words.”

Aligned with Detrans Awareness themes, this episode accentuates the intricate and challenging impacts of societal attitudes, emphasizing the necessity for heightened awareness regarding life after transition. As Scarlet embraces an androgynous identity, the interview powerfully explores the complexities and consequences inherent in the journey of self-discovery.

“I made a decision to just surrender it to Mother Nature and see what happens”

Scarlet's overarching goal is to advocate for awareness and a more considerate approach to gender-related issues, stressing the significance of respecting individual experiences beyond the confines of a trans identity and recognizing the nuanced nature of the whole person.

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