It's so good to see you two back! I thought Sasha had such a good point about how they don't want to let go of the distress. My sister is married to a trans woman and I've also been in fandom spaces and seen how they like to weaponize their distress as a way to control others and keep others walking on eggshells and what is frustrating is that we currently have a very enabling culture that allows them to do this. No one wants to set one of these people off. I knew someone in college who liked to cause drama and people were harsh towards her as a result, but a few years ago she came out as trans and all of the sudden people are enabling her and bending over backwards for her because of the trans filter. And by facing the real issue of why they feel they have to do all this they lose that power they have.

So glad that you two are back and looking forward to where you go this year!

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Thank you so much! It is good to be back. Be sure to check out tomorrow's premium content release. We'll be doing a deeper dive into this issue of clinging to distress!

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