Gender: A Wider Lens
Gender: A Wider Lens
143 - The Battle Over the Word Woman with Sarah Holmes

143 - The Battle Over the Word Woman with Sarah Holmes


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With Sasha on break this week, Stella plays host to fellow Irish woman, Sarah Holmes, an ordinary working mother turned unexpected activist. The story shared in this conversation is one that resonates with the widespread societal shift in interest toward sex and gender.

As the summer of 2020 unfolded, Sarah's life took an unexpected turn when a casual conversation brought to light a seemingly innocuous change in health literature – the disappearance of the word 'woman' from cervical screening materials. Little did Sarah know that this discovery would propel her into the heart of a battle against discrimination, forcing her to confront a societal transformation she never saw coming.

When health literature began replacing 'woman' with 'person with a cervix’, Sarah's investigative journey led her to a realization that went beyond the seemingly innocent linguistic alteration. The issue extended to broader concerns about women's rights, safety, and fairness in various facets of life.

Sarah shares about her awakening to the contradictions embedded in gender ideology. The discussion goes into the Gender Recognition Act, the implications it held for women. They also discuss Sarah’s evolving concerns about the notion of fluid gender identities and the legal implications of obtaining a female birth certificate for a self-identified woman, as well as the alarming impact on children - with gender clinics on the rise and young girls undergoing irreversible medical interventions based on rejecting societal stereotypes. 

Sarah also shares about her experience of being denied entry to the National Women's Council of Ireland (NWC) Annual General Meeting, the aftermath, and the surprising revelations that followed. From courtroom battles to exposing inconsistencies, discover the truth behind the push for unquestioned acceptance. Unmasking lies and manipulation, Sarah exposes the creation of falsified documents, challenges biased interpretations, and sheds light on a broader struggle for women's rights in a climate of growing gender controversies. 

Irish Woman who was Refused Entry to NWC’s Annual Meeting has Lost her Discrimination Case 

RTE’s Liveline Episode - Denied access to National Women's Council of Ireland AGM 

NWC Statement to RTE’s Liveline programme - Thursday 9th June 2022 

The Irish Times News Articles About the Use of the Word ‘Woman’

HSE Defends Removing References To ‘Women’ In Online Cervical Cancer Information 

What’s Wrong With The Word ‘Woman’?,were%20outraged%20and%20said%20so

HSE: Who Should Have Cervical Screening

After 2020 email campaign effort to reinstate use of the word ‘woman’ in the HSE cervical screening information, this is the link to the updated content:

Radicailin | mobilising girls & women for women's liberation from patriarchy


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