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US teacher here for 19 years.

The US has specific instructional programs for gifted students due to research that shows true giftedness is often detrimental to the mental health and academic achievement of those affected. This is due to the perception by such children that they are different from their peers in a negative way.

Research shows that gifted children are often depressed and underachievers due to the personal perceptions they hold about themselves as being generally weird and socially awkward.

Gifted programs were created to help gifted children be able to find others like themselves so they could be able to see that there are others like them.

Giftedness is neurodivergence, just as autism, ADHD, dyslexia, etc. Just as people with those traits are better able to academically succeed and thrive when given specific instruction and techniques to cope with their special needs, so are gifted students.

A lot of teachers and parents don’t understand why the gifted program was first developed. It’s not a special club for superior intellect. It’s actually specifically for giftedness in the sense that giftedness is more often than not a hindrance rather than a gift.

We’re talking about true giftedness. This is not to be confused with kids who are just smart or bright. Truly gifted people are a very small minority of the population.

When viewed in this way, it makes so much sense as to why gifted girls are much more likely to identify as trans than their non gifted peers. They see themselves as flawed, weird, and unlikable and they have no idea why. They turn to trans ideology to “fix” themselves and their pain related to social awkwardness.

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