Premium: The Weaponization of Female Empathy with Dr. Leor Sapir

Our Conversation with Dr. Leor Sapir Continues

Exploring the parallels between the fervor surrounding gender medicine and the hysteria of recovered memory syndrome from the 1990s, both phenomena share a common anchor in the likely resistance of influential figures, like clinicians, therapists and even stake-holders like parents, to change their stance due to personal, reputational, or legal consequences.

A notable distinction between the two phenomena is the extensive institutional capture entwined with gender medicine, a dynamic that didn't quite manifest during the recovered memory craze. 

But interestingly, as you will hear in this bonus episode for premium subscribers, Leor describes a shared thread that fuels momentum and peaks cultural interests behind both movements - the ongoing internal tensions within feminism and the diverse voices within the feminist spectrum emerging on all sides of each movement.

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