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Premium: The Top Five Common Mistakes Estranged Parents Make

Our conversation with Dr. Joshua Coleman continues

Is there a "prodigal son" element to the phenomenon of estranged children returning to their families? (Thanks to one of our founding members for submitting this question). While estrangement is a complex and new issue for many, there are some (if not common) instances where estranged children do find their way back to their families, however sometimes uneasily. But, this observation ties into themes discussed in Abigail Shrier's book "Irreversible Damage", which mentions that while "glitter families" (chosen families) might not be there in times of crisis, biological families often will be.

What are some mistakes that you see parents making, which actually push the child further away? Empathy, patience, and strategic thinking are critical for parents to create a more conducive environment for potential reconciliation with their estranged children. But what should they avoid?

In this bonus episode for premium subscribers, Joshua Coleman, Ph.D. addresses these questions and more, emphasizing that estrangement affects the entire family dynamic, not just the parent-child relationship. Coleman highlights that the majority of estrangements do reconcile, often driven by life events or personal growth. And he also outlines five key mistakes parents make that can push estranged children further away as well as coping strategies for parents dealing with long-term estrangement.

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