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Premium: "Men Should Not Be Induced to Produce Something from Their Nipples, That Some People Want to Call Milk"

Our conversation with Heather Heying continues

“Chestfeeding”. A controversial term recently adopted from inside the critical social justice movement as inclusive language for discussing breastfeeding. But is it biologically plausible for men to induce lactation? Is it even milk? Is it safe? Natural mammalian lactation possesses evolutionary significance beyond basic sustenance and often provides broader biological functions in human development.

In this bonus episode for premium subscribers, Heather Heying offers up an evolutionary perspective on breastfeeding and the value of breast milk, discussing the broader implications and functions of breast milk beyond just nutrition. The conversation also explores the parenting practices observed in hunter-gatherer cultures in comparison to the trend of over-parenting in more modern American households.

Watch our full length episode with Dr. Heather Heying:

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