Premium: How Has WPATH Responded to the Leaked Files?

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There is no question, given the recommendations outlined in WPATH’s SOC-8, that WPATH is in fact recommending extraordinary medical procedures resulting in extreme body modifications. Some of the most unusual cases, promoting individually customized procedures that are meant to create body types that don't exist in nature. So why doesn't WPATH just rebrand as a sexual cosmetic surgery group? Why do they say that these extreme body modifications are medically necessary and life -saving?

In this bonus episode for premium subscribers, Mia Hughes shares her insights into the above. As well as her criticisms of WPATH’s lack of accountability and diversionary tactics in response to the WPATH Files Report and leaked files.

Full WPATH Files

Shellenberger’s thread with clips from panel discussion video

Leaked Files From Influential Transgender Medicine Group Cause Uproar, Could Imperil Liberal Efforts To Undo State Bans on Gender-Transition Treatments for Children The damning new report on the World Professional Association for Transgender Health ‘is going to really bite them,’ says a former WPATH leader. ‘I’ve tried to steer them. I gave up.’, Benjamin Ryan’s article from The New York Sun

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