Premium: From Transmaxxing to Transhumanism

Our conversation with Sascha Bailey continues

From bionic enhancements to extreme body modifications, the lines are blurry between identity theory and queer theory. There is a complex interplay of incentives, ideological beliefs, optimized physical and mental wellness, and functionality within society - all reliant on quality medical care and support, but at whose financial expense?

And what is the purpose of medicine (particularly where it intersects with technological advancements)? Is medical care primarily about restoring health or is it also for fulfilling consumer preferences? There are many questions to be raised about the philosophical underpinnings behind medicine and personal/body autonomy.

"I don't think people are going to be getting the toaster [body] attachment because they feel like a toaster. I think they'll be getting it because they want to toast toast."

In this bonus episode for premium subscribers, Sascha Bailey joins hosts Sasha and Stella as they contemplate the evolving role of medicine, exploring critical inquiry into the ethical and ideological landscapes shaping modern healthcare practices.

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