A very good episode that confirms my suspicions about why people might be tempted to transition. I have come up with 6 different reasons which can overlap.

1. Gender non-conformity;

2. Family dysfunction;

3. Sexual orientation;

4. Sexual trauma;

5. Mental illness;

6. Autism.

I had 3-4 of the above, my mom had 3. I am not sure what would have happened if we had grown up in today’s environment.

I have a sneaky suspicion 100 years from now we will regret changing the meaning of gender and allowing people to transition. I also don’t think Judith Butler will have a very good reputation.

As for pronouns I try to avoid them and stick to the preferred name. I view gender ideology as pseudoscience fundamentalist religion more than anything else.

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There is podcast called Incel that has recently interviewed a couple of leaders of transmaxxing. Very interesting. It seems a movement based on logic-whether or not you agree with the logic they are using logical arguments. Possibly having conversations based on logical argument may be more successful with this group of men than the RODG girls. I’m not sure how much of this is coming out of the incel community but at least some is. An on line resource for disaffected young men is Dr K who has a YouTube channel called HealthyGamerGG.

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This is a fantastic conversation. Mainly because I have a 22yo son, and I have long suspected that his reasons are similar to what Sascha has said. Thank you so much for this!

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