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I have a question about anorexia, ROGD in girls. Is there a developmental element in it? Do young women get to a certain point where they have enough perspective to get out of the mindset?

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This is great question that deserves thoughtful attention! Thank you for sharing with us here!

Two resources you might find valuable and/or interesting...https://www.widerlenspod.com/p/105-from-rejecting-the-body-to-finding-d05 and this recent post SEGM - https://www.realityslaststand.com/p/gender-dysphoria-and-anorexia-in?r=3547z3&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web

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Roy Baumeister wrote a book, Masochism and the Self, that explored the history of masochism which can include element of humiliation or of men being feminized, and posited that it arose in response to being becoming less focused on their group identity and more on their individual identity as society developed to a point where individuals did not need to rely on the group as much. It's been awhile since I've read it and I do not have a copy to refer to, but if memory serves the first mentions of sexual masochism begin in the late middle ages in Europe and grow more pronounced with time. You also have the effect of sexual masochism being an undocumented phenomenon in more collectivist societies until American culture steamrollered its way in. Baumeister posited that sexual masochism developed as a way to escape from the demands of individualism, noting that people who engage in it tend to be powerful men who wield a lot of influence.

He did not discuss autogynephilia, but when I read the book I did see parallels so I think Mia may be onto something with this happening in societies where there is abundance.

This was a fascinating discussion. Listening to Mia talk towards the end about how the conversations about the ethics around creating bodies not found in nature would become derailed in righteous language debates makes me wonder if there is some brainiac behind this movement who planned to get people distracted by the righteous language or if it just formed organically through a confluence of unlucky factors. Either way keep up your hard work.

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