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Your expressions in the photo for this episode say it all. But yet, how many more stories will it take for this madness to end? Sasha, when you said something to the effect of "Well, I am a therapist" when Dr. Haim remarked on the insight of one of your questions, I thought, yes, indeed she is/they are, and remarkable ones at that. The content from this podcast alone should have been far more than enough to awaken everyone to the harms of gender ideology. I came home from my walk having finished the episode and said to my husband, "That's it. I'm pushed over the edge. All of our doctor friends - the therapists, pediatricians, family practitioners, endocrinologists (yes, that's our college town community) - who STILL aren't speaking out against all this no matter how much I've shared, not matter how the horror stories mount, no matter the instincts/oaths you are supposed to have/take as therapists/physicians - there's no path back for me. No respect. I know, speaking out can jeopardize your livelihood. But others are managing to survive. How else will this massive psychological and medical scandal end?

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Hello - thanks for a great podcast series.

I have serious reservations about this guest though. Frankly, he strikes me as evasive when it comes to the question of why federal agents handed him a target letter. A target letter is given to people when there is adequate information to either subpoena them as a witness before a grand jury, or if they are about to be charged by a grand jury. The letter appears to have something to do with protected patient information. Dr Haim clearly states he didn't release any patient names - but that is only one small piece of protected information. Protected health information also includes medical record number, date of birth, date of admission or discharge from a hospital etc (the list is quite long). So, he may still have violated federal privacy laws even if he did not release patient names. He avoids the allegations though, and dismisses them as nothing more than an attempt to silence and intimidate him. Sasha and Stella - you did your listeners a disservice by not pinning him down, or providing more information about the charges. This is a serious matter, and he may have violated federal law. That for me really makes me question his judgment, and essentially undermines the otherwise good work he did by informing the media about what was going on a his hospital. Even worse though, having a guest like him undermines the enormous respect and trust that your listeners have in your show.

Also - I did a little digging into Dr Haim's social media posts. In one post, he refers to "the Biden Regime" and states that he "wouldn't trust Fauci to take care of his goldfish". He has also stated that COVID measures are more 'Ideological" than science based.

Dr Haim is entitled to his views of course, but in the middle of a pandemic, a medical professional should think twice before undermining proven public health efforts to reduce infection.

"First, do no harm". Well said, indeed.

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Thank you! The moment Dr. Haim let it be known that he had issues with Covid policy, my crank detector went off.

I didn't listen to the entire piece, so I did not hear him utter the words "Biden Regime" or deliver his criticism of Dr. Fauci and of public health measures. Now that you've written about it, I see my hunch was confirmed. The best advice I ever received from a therapist was not to go around with my mind so open that my brain falls out. That applies in the case of Dr. Haim.

Whatever Dr. Haim did or didn't expose about an alleged gender medicine scandal, and whether or not his actions warranted a federal investigation, when he referred to the "Biden regime" and spoke ill of Fauci in that way, he lost all credibility he might have had in my eyes. He's not an honest broker; he's a right-wing culture warrior.

The logical next step during the interview would have been for the hosts to get him to be more forthcoming about his views on COVID public health measures, the COVID vaccine and quack treatments such as Ivermectin. If he revealed that he holds the typical array of bogus MAGA views on the subject, the interview would be over.

The reason I stopped listening to the episode, apart from having a fever and a cold, was that in my weakened condition I could not bear hearing the right-wing activist and general terror Chris Rufo hailed as a savior figure. There are a number of highly qualified, reputable and experienced journalists on the gender critical beat who are left of center. If Dr. Haim did not know about ace reporters Katie Herzog and Jesse Singal, he could easily have found out about them and pitched the story to them. If Ms. Herzog and Mr. Singal passed, that speaks volumes about Dr. Haim's credibility.

The problem with Mr. Rufo is that he's a thorough right-wing operative. Take a look at VOX's reporting on the guy: https://www.vox.com/23811277/christopher-rufo-culture-wars-ron-desantis-florida-critical-race-theory-anti-wokeness

Rufo is a case study in why the enemy of one's enemy is not always one's friend. That's because the fight to roll back the excesses of gender identity ideology will not be won by the far right. They lack the political power to change laws, policies, practices and messaging in the blue state where the trans fantasy has captured the most institutions, office holders, bureaucrats and an opinion leaders. That's where the most people are being harmed. It is necessary to take the war on trans abuses to liberals in their home states.

Do you know what would happen if Dr. Haim were to appear in a blue state to tell his story and it were known that Chris Rufo was involved? The explosive sound would be people's minds closing because of Rufo's political and cultural toxicity.

Since I didn't hear the podcast through to the end, I will allow for the possibility that I misjudged the situation and that Chris Rufo now enjoys a devoted left-of-center following thanks to the publicity he provided to Dr. Haim's whistle blowing.

In closing, did Dr. Haim ever say whether he availed himself of his employer's formal whilstleblower program? Unlike a trans person, who becomes a woman just by saying so, someone who is in possession of sensitive and damning information about his employer cannot just subjectively declare himself to be a whistleblower and release the controversial information willy-nilly into the info sphere. There are formalities.

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I don't trust this guy at all. I'm sure at least some (and maybe even all) of the abuses he's blowing the whistle on are true, but his story is a little too perfect, a little too grandiose, and his whistleblowing doesn't seem to have the level of detail that other accounts have. This podcast is my first time hearing about him, and maybe he will turn out to be 100% legit, but I got big Rebekah Jones vibes from him in this interview, and it makes me question the substance of his claims. I wish y'all would have been more skeptical of him.

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Not to mention some of the extremely odd, confusing and disjointed comments he made during the premium extended interview that had nothing to do with the topic at hand. What was he even trying to say about kids dying from abuse because they were not in school due to COVID-related closures? Also his beef with gunshot victims being required to wear masks when entering the hospital like everyone else was super strange and seemed to assume a lot about the sympathies of the audience. I realize Stella and Sasha aren't there to get into debates about side topics, so I don't fault them at all for letting those things pass, but the guest certainly came across as not up to their usual standards of coherence and credibility.

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Yeah, he sounds all-in on a lot of different culture war stuff, which doesn't necessarily make him wrong, but it makes me wary.

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Exactly, especially since most of us GC people are already at pains to keep ourselves from being lumped in with "right-wing conspiracy theorists."

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Great interview. I just got done watching another video with another surgeon..he was discussing more about DEI but did mention something about the gender ideology stuff. His name was Dr. Rick Rosshardt. Maybe you can have this surgeon on your podcast as well…it’s good to hear these medical professionals speaking up!

Here’s the interview: https://youtu.be/-MwsGR3YRXk?si=kWlmCIY312izOQae

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Similar to the UK...thank you for speaking up Eithan!!! Wow.

"This is a story about the underlying safety of an NHS service, the adequacy of the care it provides and its use of poorly evidenced treatments on some of the most vulnerable young people in society. And how so many people sat back, watched, and did nothing."

Hannah Barnes' book, Time to Think

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