Gender: A Wider Lens
Gender: A Wider Lens
56 - New Year’s Resolutions & Introducing the “Pioneers Series”

56 - New Year’s Resolutions & Introducing the “Pioneers Series”


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For Sasha and Stella’s last episode of the year, they introduce a very exciting series that will be coming up in 2022. In the “Pioneers Series,” they will be interviewing experienced clinicians, researchers, and other professionals whose contributions to our understanding of gender dysphoria and sexuality are foundational. Consider this a back-to-basics 101 course on gender and sexuality.

Stella and Sasha also talk about their own personal goals and priorities for the new year. They offer up 10 resolutions that listeners might focus on along with them as we all move into 2022.


100 days of walking:

Brideshead revisited

Identity Crisis:

Psychological Flexibility:  

Extended Notes

  • Sasha and Stella talk about their plans for 2022 and their upcoming “Pioneers Series.”

  • What were the criteria they considered for their list of pioneers? Sasha and Stella share their thought process.

  • They also talk about their reflections of the previous year and their New Year’s resolutions.

  • Sasha and Stella went to New Orleans together. How was it for them to work and spend time together in person?

  • Sasha tells about her weight lifting program and how that relates to her New Year’s resolution.

  • They talk more about the 10 New Year’s resolutions they are offering to the listeners. Which one would you most relate to?

  • Stella shares about her 100 Days of Walking, a habit she wants to get back into.

  • They also share the different ways we can lovingly communicate that are beyond just words.

  • How can you move valuable connections from online to real life? Stella and Sasha share their thoughts.

  • What is digital hygiene? They share their definition and how they incorporate this now in their routine.

  • Sasha also talks about dancing and how she wants to make it more regular in her life.

  • Stella shares about the book Brideshead Revisited and how it helped her understanding of life.

  • Being able to disconnect is just as important as being seen or your pain being reflected somewhere.

  • Stella recommends another book, something funny this time, called Identity Crisis, by Ben Elten which is about gender issues through comedy.

  • How can we become more aware of our biases and the traps we fall into when talking about controversial political and personal issues?

  • Stella shares more on Psychological Flexibility, being the hallmark of well-being.

  • Staying in the moment vs. worrying about the future. Stella shares her realizations on this topic.

  • Enjoying the little pleasures in life also reflects on how you can genuinely enjoy your children. And when you do, they will feel enjoyed, welcomed, and wanted.

  • Lastly, Stella and Sasha talk about their invitation for everyone to get our minds out of gender and think big-picture! Let’s try to understand what is really going on.


“I know a lot of people crap on New Year’s resolutions; oh, New Year’s resolutions don’t work, the research shows nobody sticks with them, I get all that. But the New Year is this really important marker of what might offer a fresh start or an opportunity to build a new habit.” — Sasha [8:15]

“The basics of sleep, food, and self-talk, all that sort of stuff, we forget it when we are weak. And it’s when we’re weak that we most need it — that’s the great tragedy of life.” — Stella [19:05]

“There’s a universality to deep, tremendous pain and when you realize that others have been here too and they’ve been good, kind people and terrible things have happened to them, there’s something consoling about that.” — Stella [38:50]

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