Gender: A Wider Lens
Gender: A Wider Lens
44 - Multiple Meanings of Gender Dysphoria: A Conversation with Aaron Terrell

44 - Multiple Meanings of Gender Dysphoria: A Conversation with Aaron Terrell


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Aaron Terrell transitioned female-to-male in 2011. He wasn’t involved in social media or the trans community until roughly 2017 when he noticed some unusual anomalies involving the new cohort of females identifying as trans men and undergoing medical transitioning. Then, earlier this year, Aaron read J. K. Rowling’s essay and everything changed.


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Extended Notes:

  • A little bit about Aaron and his journey.

  • Why did Aaron decide to transition at 27?

  • Aaron was introduced to a trans social circle when he was still in college, although it was nice to be with his tribe, certain topics made him uncomfortable.

  • Did family members recognize Aaron’s struggles when he was going through puberty as a woman?

  • Aaron shares his beliefs on religion, and what his religious upbringing was like.

  • People are making their lives much more difficult by trying to opt out and be different with their gender.

  • Why did Aaron start his blog and podcast?

  • Aaron was largely helped by transitioning, but he understands the drawbacks and often writes about those drawbacks.

  • Sasha reads an excerpt from his blog, and Aaron expands on his thoughts on the trans movement at the time.

  • Aaron had a lot of internalized misogyny happening when he started to become a man.

  • He was supposed to be a wife and a mother, and when he transitioned, what was next? It was natural for Aaron to be a breadwinner, and adopt an identity of what that “traditionally” looks like.

  • When it comes to trans people using the male and female bathrooms, where does he stand on the issue? At first, he thought people who were offended by this were transphobes.

  • Where does the ethical line get drawn on some of these controversial issues?

  • With so many young children transitioning so early, what’s the fallout going to look like? Aaron believes there are going to be a lot of de-transitioners.

  • What is the Gender Dysphoria Alliance all about?

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Gender: A Wider Lens
Gender: A Wider Lens
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