Gender: A Wider Lens
Gender: A Wider Lens
141 - Silenced for Asking Questions About Gender Medicine with Dr. Jillian Spencer

141 - Silenced for Asking Questions About Gender Medicine with Dr. Jillian Spencer

Join Sasha & Stella for their interview with Dr. Jillian Spencer, a child and adolescent psychiatrist from Queensland, Australia. This episode delves into Dr. Spencer's experiences with the gender clinic in her hospital, highlighting the challenges and concerns she faced in encountering adolescents identifying as transgender. The episode explores the complexities of assessing and treating gender dysphoria in young individuals, shedding light on the impact of fast-tracking into gender clinics and the potential psychological consequences. Dr. Spencer shares her journey of trying to raise awareness about the concerns surrounding gender interventions for children and the need for a more comprehensive approach to mental health. 

Jillian Spencer is a child and adolescent psychiatrist who lives in Queensland, Australia. She studied Medicine at Monash University in Melbourne and then subsequently trained in psychiatry. She completed sub-speciality certificates in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Forensic Psychiatry. She qualified as a psychiatrist in 2009. She has worked for Queensland Health for 21 years. In mid-April 2023, she was removed from clinical duties due to being considered a danger to trans and gender diverse children. Since her story came out in the media in June, she has sought to raise awareness of the concerns around gender interventions for children.

Sasha & Stella’s conversation with Dr. Spencer touches on the influence of clinicians, the surge in youth attending gender clinics, encounters with dismissive responses from superiors, and the attempt to raise critical questions about safeguarding and ethical considerations in the treatment of gender dysphoria.

This is the emotionally compelling account of the circumstances surrounding Dr. Spencer’s suspension from clinical duties, her experiences raising awareness through presentations, distributing books, and participating in "Let Women Speak" rallies, and the broader implications for healthcare professionals challenging the prevailing narrative on gender dysphoria in children.

Dr. Jillian Spencer speaks at a Let Women Speak rally in 2023 with Kellie-Jay Keen 

Dr. Spencer’s reference of former GWL guest, Ellie from her 2023 presentation:

Models of Care for Children with Gender Dysphoria 

Introduction to the Gender Framework 

Genspect’s: The Gender Framework 

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