Gender: A Wider Lens
Gender: A Wider Lens
113 — Gender A Wider Lens LIVE from Ireland

113 — Gender A Wider Lens LIVE from Ireland


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Sasha and Stella are together in the same place! Joined by Lisa Marchiano, this live episode was recorded in Killarney, Ireland, and the Genspect Bigger Picture Conference on April 28, 2023.

[22:20] Question from Helen Joyce

[32:13] Question from Colin Wright

[47:35] Question from Maya Forstater

[51:50] Question Jessie Mannisto from Third Factor Magazine

[57:00] Question from Lisa Selin Davis

[1:00:10] Question from Malcolm Clark

[1:01:30] Question from Laura Becker / Funk God Artist

[1:05:38] Question Adrian from LGB Alliance USA

[1:09:51] Question from Wesley Yang


Helen Joyce’s Website:

Helen on Twitter:

Reality's Last Stand: a publication by biologist Colin Wright dedicated to providing weekly news, articles, and other content about the biology of sex and sex differences, gender ideology, Critical Social Justice, free speech, and related topics.

Colin on Twitter:

Maya Forstater’s Website:

Maya on Twitter:

Sex Matters: a UK-based not-for-profit organization whose mission is to re-establish that sex matters in rules, laws, policies, language, and culture.

Third Factor Magazine: a magazine, community, and resource hub for navigating positive disintegration and reintegration — all about questioning, creativity, character, and courage.


Jessie Mannisto on Twitter:

BROADview by Lisa Selin Davis: A newsletter about the gender culture wars, & the history, science, psychology & politics of gender nonconformity — misunderstood by the Right and Left. Where do our ideas of normal for boys and girls come from? Speaking the unspeakable. Pro-complexity. 

Lisa Selin Davis’s Website:

Lisa on Twitter: 

Malcolm Clark on Substack: Making science and history documentaries for global broadcasters. Campaigning against gender ideology and puberty blockers.

Malcolm on Twitter:

Laura Becker’s Website:

Laura’s Etsy Shop: Funky art for funky people. A Midwest artist specializing in surreal, psychedelic, and spiritual groovy work. Digital collage, illustration, AI generations, custom traditional canvas paintings, flow art, photography, and graphic design. Commissions or inquiries welcome. Don’t Forget to Boogie.

Laura on Substack:

Laura on Twitter:

LGB Alliance USA:

Wesley Yang on Substack: Year Zero An ongoing inquiry into the ideological fever that overtook the governing and chattering classes of America during the Trump years

Wesley on Twitter:

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Extended Notes:

  • Sasha and Stella reflect on the joys of meeting people and having face-to-face conversations.

  • The group discusses the revelatory information put forth by Stephanie during the event.

  • Gender distress in a child does not mean the child is trans.

  • Is it ethical to prescribe healthy people a drug that may cause other maladies later in life?

  • Stella stresses the importance of having a dialogue between different groups of people for a common cause.

  • At the conference, the de-trans panel offered a powerful message.

  • Will WPATH build bridges with GenSpect?

  • Being braver in personal conversations will help the gender landscape as a whole.

  • From the clinical side, there has not been an effort to produce therapeutic guidelines on how to work with those who are gender-questioning.

  • When people feel they can share their opinions true change will happen.


“The fact that we have a well-documented history of desistance, between 60%‒90%, tells me that we have a possible story about what dysphoria means and it could resolve, and frankly one of the things that we have investigated over the years is that all of the justifications for going to a medical pathway are based on really flimsy theories that therapy can’t work.” — Sasha [34:35]

“Why would we think that it is acceptable to mess with a young person’s endocrine system?” — Lisa Selin Davis [43:38]

“I think we can all be braver about conversations just even in our personal lives.” — Jessie Mannisto [53:14]

Gender: A Wider Lens
Gender: A Wider Lens
Therapists Stella O’Malley and Sasha Ayad explore diverse perspectives through a psychological lens, fostering open dialogue on gender identity, transition, and the transgender umbrella. Their work with gender dysphoric clients and unique experiences yield an informed outlook delving into gender's psychological nuances. Interviews with clinicians, academics, transgender individuals, parents, detransitioners, and others touched by gender provide varied insights and intimate inquiry into the taboo yet relevant topic.